Helmet Hair

It really seems that Zero Suit Samus has way too much hair to fit inside the helmet she wears in her armor. I guess it could all fit in there if the back of the helmet is completely hollow and her head doesn’t actually touch the sides, but that doesn’t really seem reasonable. It keeps her alive in a vacuum and has an interactive heads-up display; I assume it’s not just a metal bucket with eye holes cut out. The ponytail could also run out her helmet and down her back without leaving the suit itself, but that would just be weird.

On the other hand, the suit gives her the ability to condense her entire body into a ball only marginally larger than her head, so I doubt finding a place to store her hair would be all that difficult for it. Also, every time she puts the suit on, it’s via a flash of light, and who knows what’s really going on there. We know her head stars the same because sometimes she takes the helmet off at the end of the game, but for all we know, everything from her neck down could be shrunk to two inches tall when the suit goes on, and grows back to normal size when it comes off. Then, when she turns into the morph ball, she’s actually running around in it like a hamster ball and most of the room is taken up by her comically normal-sized head. That’s probably it.

The Metroid Blast game in Nintendo Land is a ton of fun (in case anyone wanted to hear about something real instead of my inane rambling). John and I have played through half the missions and just beat the boss that looks like Kraid. The ship controls seem to have a pretty tough learning curve, but John got the hang of them well enough. I’ve been playing on foot, and I just love how it controls. It makes me wonder why there weren’t more Wii games that were just like it. A Megaman Wii could have been incredible.